Member Service

Membership card is dealt with

In ginza MALL the cumulation purchases over RMB 518 or Spending RMB 1000 yuan or above wiht 30 days can hold the ginza MALL consumption certificates and valid certificates to the member center for ginza MALL silver star card, and fill in the card master data according to regulations, can enjoy the silver star card functions.




Rights and interests of members

1. Member enjoy exclusive shopping privilege

Enjoy the shopping discount of specified

2. Free gift redemption by bonus point

The cumulative  1000 points can redeem gifts, the more puchase the gift more generous

3. The trend News

Attn ginza Mall the latest preferential offer and special previlege will be regularly sent to member of Ginza Mall

4. The Bonus Points

Bonus points (after the member stores consumption, with the membership card and consumption receipts to the ginza Mall for integral information desk

Member are erted to get bonus points in member stores

5. Participate in ginza MALL for silver star card member activities

6. The store integral detail is as follows:The bonus points details are as follows